“Someone’s Own Thing Is As Easily.” Basement Tape.

Have to say life without a driving privilege sucks.

Then there’s wage garnishment, and I can tell you  “garnishment” is what you might call a polite word for it.   And it’s an odd thing because the Gun Nut tells me he hasn’t had a driving privilege since Carter became President, and it hasn’t stopped him from driving anything. But me, I don’ t have his sort of good fortune with law enforcement, because a man in a uniform looks at me and reckons I am guilty of something.  Which has to be why I understand the pyramids in the Slipperz video that goes along with Flip Out.

Course, it’s difficult, because if you put the Slipperz songs onto a play list and you can hear them all, one after the other, Church Wine is louder than Flip Out and both of them are much louder than What Can I Say.  And I don’t know how to fix the problem. So it was probably a mistake on my part to fail to warn the Gun Nut that one of the songs on the tape I gave him is louder than the others. And when it came time for Church Wine, the Gun Nut had sort of nervous reaction to the sudden increase in volume and pulled his hand gun, which for some reason he carries around with him where ever he goes.  Anyway the bullet goes straight through the window of his trailer, which was fortunately open and he shoots a hole in the gas tank of his pickup.  Which is the sort of thing that upsets the Gun Nut’s dog, and by the time it was all over volunteers from the fire department where beating out the flames in the hayfield that runs passed the Gun Nut’s trailer and ends up on the other side of the fence from where I live.

I guess you’ve got to know that round here the fire department expects some sort of voluntary contribution to the old fire fighters pension fund if they are called out for something that might not of have been an act of god.  And the fire chief gave me the impression that by no stretch of the imagination was his Sunday disturbed by an Act of God.  I guess you also have to know that the Gun Nut does not take kindly to anything that might look or sound like he’s to blame for anything, he being  a patriot with a flag in his yard, who spent more time than maybe was good for him in Vietnam.

Which puts me in something of a crosshair, because I have to think that maybe with the wage garnishment and some kind of a contribution from me I am pretty much certain to have no money for rent by the time next Friday comes around.  So I go all shoulders back and head up high and I ask the Chief what he reckons a person in my position, with wage garnishment and no driving privilege and who picks up the road kill for the county to earn his wage would be expected to contribute to the Old Firefighters Retirement fund.  And he answers me; “What ever is on you heart.”  Which wasn’t something I actually wanted to think about, because on my heart was written some very unpleasant words for the Gun Nut.

Anyhow, “What ever is on your heart” strikes me as a good way of thinking about the nineteenth Slipperz line from the Basement Tape which is “Someone’s own thing is as easily.”

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